Installation of water heater A:
1. Natural exhaust gas water heater shall not be installed in the bathroom
2. The following room or locations are not suggestible to install water heater:
a) bedroom, basement or living room.
b) Stairs or location within 5 meters from the emergency exit.
3. The exhaust pipe of the gas water heater shall not be installed in the public flue
4. The wall for mounting should be able to bear 4 times the weight of the product, and the wall surface must be insulated or non-combustible material
5. There should not be electrical equipment, wires and gas pipes near the water heater, gas appliances shall not be installed below.
6. The installation place of the water heater shall not store inflammable, explosive and corrosive gas products.
Safe life of gas water heater A:
The service life of man-made gas products is 6 years, while natural gas and liquefied petroleum gas is 8 years. If the gas facilities in your home have reached the service life, you should replace them in time. The gas transmission hose will soften after long use, easily causing air leakage. It is recommended that the service life should not exceed 18 months, timely replace it after 18 months. The reduction valve should be replaced in time according to the requirements of the manual.
How to choose the right electric water heater for me? A:
40L storage type electric water heater is suitable for 1-2 people to use, 60L water heater is suitable for 2-4 people to use, 4-6 people had better choose 80L water heater. Electric water heater can reach the set temperature by heating for 20-40 minutes. Heating time will be different according to inlet water temperature, water storage capacity and use frequency.
Maintenance of electric water heater A:
The water in the tank is regularly sewage treatment, keep the tank clean. The magnesium rod softens the water and prevents the tank from corroding due to carbon compounds in the water. Check the consumption of magnesium rod once a year. In areas with poor water quality, check it once every six months. If the magnesium rod is consumed, replace it in time.
Characteristics of INSE sterilizer A:
There three sterilization method of sterilizer: high temperature sterilization, OZONE and ultraviolet disinfection. INSE uses the combined method of ozone, UV and electric heating for disinfection, which is good effect and superior performance.
How to choose gas stove A:
Gas stove can be divided into two types: straight fire and rotating fire. The characteristic of the straight fire type is uniform distribution of firepower, so that the pot heated evenly, suitable for the pan. Rotary fire is more concentrated, heating time is short, suitable for all types of pot.
Is the bigger fire means better gas stove? A:
The values of heat load, thermal efficiency and other parameters are marked on the nameplate of the gas stove, the combustion efficiency of the gas stove is above 60%, heat load is 4.2 KW, and blue flame is the best burning condition fire. Usually, the strength of the stove firepower is determined by the combustion efficiency. However, when the flame burns irregularly, the flame may also look larger, so the large flame does not necessarily mean high combustion efficiency.
Product warranty One year warranty for all products, extended warranty policy for some areas
3 years warranty for products purchased before 2013 and 5 years for products purchased after 2013
5-year warranty on water heater liner
6 months warranty on INSE products for commercial use
All warranty periods are calculated from the date of purchase
The following cases are not covered by the free warranty. If repairs are required, we can provide users with paid repair service (1) Improper handling, installation, use, maintenance, improper storage and self-demolition by users
(2) If there is no three guarantees certificate and valid invoice, you can refer to the relevant regulations of the country or INSE to pay for maintenance
(3) Damage caused by force majeure
(4) Beyond the free warranty period
(5) All damage and loss caused by environmental conditions such as power supply, water source, gas source, temperature and other factors beyond our control, or by the user's home water and circuitry not in accordance with national regulations, are not within the scope of the free warranty. Note: Other unfinished terms are subject to the provisions of the Three Guarantees.
Professional services system INSE call center is officially set up and running, CRM system management operations.
Service Hotline: 400-830-3388
We sincerely accept all kinds of services such as installation and maintenance declarations, product inquiries, complaints and suggestions from all over the world.
24 hours in urban areas, 48 hours in suburban counties, 72 hours in towns and villages, perfect service network, professional technical staff, to ensure the perfect experience for users
Return Policy The product has a performance failure within 7 days from the date of sale, and the consumer can choose to return, exchange, or repair; within 15 days from the sale date, the consumer can choose to exchange or repair the performance.