ZHONGSHAN INSE GROUP CO.LTD, established in 1998, is located in national appliance industry production base in Zhongshan Nantou town, covering more than 66667 square meter land. INSE specializes in gas water heater, wall-mounted gas boiler, gas stove, range hood and electric water heater. Through the 21 years persistent efforts, INSE has become one of the fastest growing, most innovative, most intelligent group in kitchen appliances industry, highly recognized by national market with its technology, quality and brand-value.
INSE has been insisting on entrepreneurship, innovation, creativity and originality as company brand spirit and producing world's most sophisticated appliance as brand mission. We have occupied the cutting-edge of China sophisticated appliance area Because of the honorable, exquisite and sophisticated quality, In 2002 - INSE gas water heater was awarded as the "China Famous Brand Product” and INSE gas stove was awarded as "Guangdong Famous Brand Product " 2003 - INSE range hood was awarded as "National Inspection-Free Product" 2004 - INSE brand was awarded as "Guangdong Famous Brand" 2009 - INSE gas water heater & gas stove was awarded as "China Well-Known Trademark" 2015 - INSE was awarded China Advertising Great-wall Awards - Gold Award of Media Marketing, also reputed as the 'Oscar Award' in the Chinese brand field.
Innovation builds brand. Apart from implementing brand strategy we also focus on the innovation of technology, cooperating with China’s major reputable institutions, global appliances R & D institutions. In 2005, INSE was awarded as "High-tech enterprise"; 2011-Provincial-level R & D centre; 2013 - Provincial Engineering Center. In 2015, INSE applies for GUANGDONG provincial Academician workstation, and establish doctoral workstation in 2017. This contributes to leading industry index for INSE range hood, gas water heater, gas cooker, having 102 inventions and utility patents.
INSE Group pays serious attention on brand establishment, associates with Chinese well-known marketing institution. Investing millions of dollars for CCTV and high-speed train media and fighting for first class of China kitchen appliances brand.
INSE has established the branch offices in Beijing, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Chengdu, Zhengzhou and Xian in 2015, finishing the distribution in the big cities of China. More than that, INSE has cooperated with more than 10,000 shops sell our products. In the same time, INSE’s advanced technology have been introduced and used in Brazil, Russia, Turkey, Mexico and other 30s countries, getting high reputations in the international market, upgrading the global strategy. Nowadays, INSE has become the first class brand in the China kitchen appliance field, with the highly approval by customers.
In December 2018, INSE launched artificial intelligence kitchen, and released new AI products such as MOHUAN T10 range hood, CHAOYUE sink dishwasher, L11 gas water heater, and TIANYING S range hood, formally move into the smart house realm.
In the future, INSE will continue developing the innovation, building the high-quality and intelligent products system; will continue insisting the stable strategy, enhancing the first, the second and the third class cities development, to cover the whole domestic market; will also continue intensifying our sale innovation, providing the instant and warm service, and founding consolidated market base; all of us will keep the concept in our mind that we will speed up our branch-strategy, making more and more people can share the advanced technology of INSE.
We believe, under the direction INSE’s down-to earth, innovation, integrity as core value, with all the efforts, a strong, wise and intelligent INSE will give China and the world a miracle in kitchen & bathroom appliances industry and INSE will become a respectable century-old brand.

———— INSE