Cooperate, build and win together. The 2023 INSE Brand Operator Strategic Alliance Mid-year Conference was successfully held In Jiuzhaigou.

Click:Release date:2023-07-26 16:49:13
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On July 7, 2023, the 2023 INSE Brand Operator Strategic Alliance Mid-year Conference was held in Jiuzhaogou Indigo Hotel. This is a core operator’s high level conference with the theme of “Cooperate together, build together, and win together”. Enjoying the unique scenery and pure natural beauty in Jiuzhaigou, the senior of the INSE Group talked the sustainable development of INSE with 35 strategic alliance partners across the country, building a great business together, and summarizing successful experience and continuing to replicate, iterate and optimize in continuous reviews.



At the end of the conference, chairman Li Rongkun concluded that he was very delighted and recognized for everyone‘s sharing today, the development of INSE can’t be successful without every partner’s help. Now INSE should work hard in the second half of the year. Always adhering to the principle of "fostering excellence", INSE cooperates closely with every partner to make progress together. In the future, we will continue to gather strength to break through, and bravely open new prospects to grow against the trend. INSE will make highlight moments one after another, to firm strategic objectives and build a prosperous business together.



INSE Group Senior Leaders and INSE Core Strategic Partners