INSE Kitchen Appliance’s Overall Arrangements Grow with Certainty. The “Troika”is Speeding Up the Confidence Building of Partners.

Click:Release date:2023-02-27 14:32:39
Information source:INSE kitchen Appliance

On February 26, with the theme of "fearless wind and snow, striving to become a new hero in the market", the Marketing Conference and Spring New Product Launch of INSE Kitchen Appliance was held in Zhongshan INSE headquarters. Chairman Li Rongkun, Vice President Chen Su, Vice President Li Rongchao, Vice President Li Guohua, Vice President Li Wenhua, Marketing Director CAI Xiaojun and other group executives, together with partners and medias, focused on the new direction of 2023 development, started a good overall arrangement and established the INSE Brand Operator Strategic Alliance at the same time, Opening a new chapter of INSE Kitchen Appliance, and leading the integration development of kitchen appliance industry.


2023 is the beginning year to fully implement the spirit of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China. China's continuous expansion of opening-up has activated China's development, and brings the spring of the kitchen appliance industry. After 26 years, INSE Kitchen Appliance, as a "veteran" in the kitchen appliance industry, always adheres to the principle of putting people first and its original intention, gathers the strength of people to promote brand transformation and embrace upgrading, and high quality development with an innovative and enterprising attitude.


Chairman of INSE Group, Li Rongkun


Opening Ceremony of INSE Brand Operator - Strategic Alliance