Liang Zicai, member of standing Committee of Zhongshan Municipal Committee and Director of Organization Department, visited INSE for investigation

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On the afternoon of March 16th, Liang Zicai, member of the Standing Committee of Zhongshan Municipal Party Committee, Director of organization Department and Principal of Party School, Huang Zhenhui, Deputy director of Organization Department of Zhongshan Municipal Party Committee, Liang Yonghui, Party Secretary of Huangpu Town, accompanied by Xu Ningjun, Party secretary of Nantou Town, visited INSE Group for investigation.


Standing Committee member Liang Zicai walked into INSE enterprise exhibition hall and the office area of e-commerce department and International Trade Department, and had an in-depth understanding of epidemic prevention and control, production and operation, capacity output, market development and strategic planning.


Mr. Liang Zicai, member of standing Committee of Zhongshan Municipal Committee, Minister of Organization Department and principal of party School

At the symposium, Li Rongkun, chairman of INSE Group, said that under the care and support of government leaders at all levels, INSE Group's overall performance has maintained a steady growth momentum, with an increase of 30% in the same period of 2021! This year, we will continue to transform and upgrade through channels sinking, product upgrading, brand upgrading and other ways, with a target growth of 30%.


Mr. Li Rongkun, Chairman of INSE Group


Mr. Xu Ningjun, Party secretary of Nantou Town

At the same time, Liang Zicai, a member of the Standing Committee, put forward three requirements for INSE Group: "Gathering talents, ensuring quality and creating benefits".


INSE Intelligent Art Cooking Center visit experience

Li Rongkun, chairman of the Board, agreed with The views of Liang Zicai and said that these three requirements would be implemented.Since the Spring Festival rework, INSE has invested heavily in the r&d of water purifiers, dishwashers and integrated cookstoves, accelerating the pace and strength of the r&d of new growth categories, expanding production capacity, and comprehensively enhancing the brand strength and influence of INSE.