Solute to the 40 years of gas appliance industry | INSE won three industry awards

Click:Release date:2019-12-11 15:51:08
Information source:INSE kitchen Appliance


Founded in 1998, with 21 years of hard work, ISNE has contributed a thriving force to the prosperity and development of the industry. In the celebration of the 40th anniversary of China's gas appliance industry, INSE won three awards: INSE group was awarded "China's gas industry outstanding enterprises," Li Rongkun, the president of INSE Group, was awarded "China's gas industry outstanding entrepreneur", Chen Suying, the vice general manager and the general manager of marketing, won the "China's gas industry outstanding contributor".


2.JPG Zhongshan INSE Group Co., Ltd was awarded "China Gas Appliance Industry Excellent Enterprise"