China Aerospace Science & Industry Corp officially signed contract with INSE Group, and reached a cooperation in technology programs

Click:Release date:2019-12-11 14:16:02
Information source:INSE kitchen Appliance

    Signing ceremony of China Aerospace Science & Industry Corp——Zhongshan Kitchen Appliance Enterprise Technology Cooperation Project was held in Business Bureau of Zhongshan City. Leaders participated in the contract signing ceremony, including Yuan Yongkang, the vice mayor, Han Zengyao, the general director of China Academy of Space Technology, etc. Zhongshan INSE Group CO., Ltd, BAYKEE (Guangdong) Technology Co.,Ltd, and other 11 Zhongshan kitchen appliance companies signed a kitchen appliance technology cooperation project agreement, with a cooperation amount up to 0.59 billion yuan. The achievement was a start of the first cooperation between Zhongshan City and China Aerospace Science & Industry Corp.



China Aerospace Science and Industry Corporation Limited - Zhongshan Kitchen Appliance Enterprise Cooperation Project Signing Ceremony



INSE Chairman Li Rongkun (Left) and Vice General Manager He Wanli (Right) of Aisino Baykee (Guangdong) Technology Company at the signing site