Li Rongkun Honorary president
Li Guohua Honorary vice president Honorary vice president
Chen Suying Executive vice president
Li Wenhua Vice president

Seeking for triumph in vast battle fields
Returning to study after hundreds of battles


Guangzhou & Shenzhen Branch Senior Sales Elite Training Lesson
After-sales training conference
The 7th Business School Training
The 8th Business School Training
The 9th Business School Training
The 10th Business School Training
The 11th Business School Training
The 12th Business School Training
The 14th Business School Training
Purposes of INSE Business School
To discover and train talents who are loyal to INSE, capable of acting and promoting the development of the enterprise, to practice the human resource management concept of "internal training as the main, supplemented by external introduction", and to carry out professional training for different groups of trainees such as first-grade merchants, second-grade merchants, shopping guides and internal employees, aiming to train each trainee to become a wise person in thought, a strong person in execution and an emissary in faith. It is an important guarantee for the professionalization of INSE team.
INSE Business School Mentor Lineup
The combination of theory and practice, a stronger sense of experience. Continuous training of professional high-end sales personnel
Talent Development Strategy
The business school is an important guarantee for the sustainable development of INSE
The business school attaches importance to the training of talents and teams. Providing a broad stage for the struggle
The core concept of INSE business school is: loyalty to INSE, service to INSE and thanks to INSE.